happy pace hanger

Finding your happy pace is about so much more than simply finding your ideal race pace – although a 7.15 minute mile marathon pace would make me pretty happy!

It’s about finding your happy pace in all other areas of your life as well, whether that be your work life, fitness, nutrition or social life.

Finding the right balance can be hard. If you’re fuelling your body for a particular challenge or following a certain eating regime it can be hard to balance that alongside your social life. It can be hard to fit family time or fitness training around a hectic work schedule but hopefully this site and my posts will help you to find your happy pace too.

Maintaining a healthy balance is essential for the health of your body, mind and general well-being. It can lead to a massive boost in attention and energy levels which in turn will have positive repercussions in your career.

Everyone’s happy pace will no doubt be different and I believe that there’s no set pace once you’ve found it; things change as your goals do but if you’re working towards finding that happy pace you’ll have a greater chance at achieving those goals.





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