My week in training

So yesterday marked 100 days until the marathon – eek, things just got real! I’m slowly but surely getting back into marathon training. Here’s what I’ve done this week.


As it was a Bank Holiday and I had been working all weekend, I did a slightly longer run today, ten miles to be precise. It felt good and although for the duration I felt like I’d been going super  s l o w and I felt pretty heavy, my average pace at the end was good!

I headed to the gym, on slightly tired legs, for my first strength session of the week before work. Here’s what I did:
Warm up
3×5 power cleans

3×8 trap bar deadlifts

3×8 strict press
3×8 bent over row
3×10 (each leg) single leg squat (weighted with a dumbbell)

3×12 single leg hamstring bridges
3×12 hanging leg raise
3×12 single leg calf raise

Today was supposed to be my speed session, however I had a slightly iffy foot, so I played it safe and did my speed session on the bike. I did a ten minute warm up then 2x 3,2,1mins with 90 second recovery between each and 3 min easy ride between sets, followed by a ten minute cool down. I then hit the mat for my glute accessory work and some core. I’ve recently been introduced to the BEST core exercise, called dying turtles…I was a dead turtle afterwards!!

I was meeting my friend Becca for dinner tonight so I had planned today as a rest day. However, I finished work at 3.30 and said to myself I’d go and do 30 mins in the gym. I managed to squeeze in a bit of power stuff, a couple of sets of squats, some press ups and some face-pulls. Better than nothing though ey!

Rest day, pizza and chocolate – whoops!

I hit the gym early doors before driving home for a weekend with my family. Here’s what I did:
Warm up

3×5 push jerks

5×5 back squats

Then my favourite upper body combo (it’s a killer) 3×8 elevated bench press at 3 different levels then straight into 3×8 single arm row, different bench elevations again.
I supersetted this with front leaning Bulgarian split squats – trust me, they REALLY hit the booty.

3×12 hip thrusts
3x 20 second palloff hold
3×12 single leg calf raise

Sunday Funday long run day. I hit the roads super early  for 12 miles before cupcakes at my sisters babyshower in the afternoon. This felt difficult to begin with due to the ice on the road, but slowly the fog began to lift and the run was shining down on the road, it was bliss! I’m keeping all my long runs steady as I build back up, but this felt good.

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