Sunday Funday: Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby coastal run

I’m pretty sure that this is exactly how weekends are meant to be spent; outside in the fresh air, exploring the great outdoors and of course running.

The view looking back towards Robin Hood's Bay

The view looking back towards Robin Hood’s Bay

A late one on Saturday night resulted in a slightly lazy morning on Sunday before Dane and I headed out to Robin Hood’s Bay to breathe in the fresh sea air and tackle the 10K trail run to Whitby.

Considering the weather in York had been horrendous on Saturday we couldn’t have asked for better weather on Sunday as we arrived at Robin Hood’s Bay. It was crisp and cool but the sun was on our backs as we had a little wander around the village and a mini warm up on the beach before we set off.

IMG_5314 IMG_5325

The route is about 6 miles if you follow the coastal path but you can also opt for a shorter and less hilly route along the cinder track. After a brisk walk to the start of the trail we were soon running along the coastline which offered fantastic views over the bay and out across to Whitby, I genuinely felt like I was on holiday!

I’ve not done much running since the Yorkshire Marathon so hitting the trails was more forgiving on the knees and provided plenty of entertainment along the way…but more on that later.

As well as offering stunning views along the coast the route also kept our legs guessing, with rocks, hills and even the occasional stair sprint too. The only aspect that did prove difficult was going downhill in the mud. We were taking bets as to who would be the first to go down and luckily for me it was Dane – much to my amusement!

IMG_5341 IMG_5350

If you’re going to do this run I would definitely recommend donning your trail shoes as the uneven ground can try and claim your ankles if you’re not wearing the right trainers.

We reached Whitby after about an hour and a half and that was running at a steady pace, stopping to take pictures and walking down hills to avoid any more mud slides.

When you get to Whitby you run down past the abbey and then down the infamous Whitby steps before you arrive right in the middle of the town. Once we got there we headed to Trenchers in our lycra to refuel.

I had an amazing poached salmon salad and I’d even go as far to say that it was one of the best salads I have ever had. The salmon was full of flavour and it came with coleslaw, mixed beans, egg, mixed salad and even a mini fruit salad complete with a star fruit – it was yummy.

IMG_5353 IMG_5357 IMG_5359

Dane had fish, chips and mushy peas which looked equally as good and neither of us could resist having a pudding afterwards.

I opted for the homemade apple crumble with vanilla ice cream which was divine and Dane’s sticky toffee pudding came with an incredible hot toffee sauce.

We left Trenchers full of great food and warmed up after the run before we made our way back to the car at Robin Hood’s Bay (by taxi – we didn’t fancy running back in the dark on a full tummy!)

So yes, I’m pretty sure that is exactly how weekends are supposed to be spent; getting outside, getting muddy and rewarding yourself at the end. We headed back to York pretty sleepy but not too tired to start thinking about the next adventure.

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