Boost your run with adistar boost

Adidas ESM shoes

Some girls get flowers and others get jewellery.  I get peanut butter and new trainers!

Yes, these amazing Adidas trainers were my valentines present from Dane and they arrived just a few days ago thanks to a super speedy (free) delivery from Adidas.

I did a lot of shopping around and gait analysis before deciding on the adistar Boost ESM trainers in Flash Pink to match my Hannah’s Happy Pace colour scheme.

I tried on what seemed like hundreds of pairs of trainers but these were the clear winner. A close second were the Adidas grete 30 boost trainers which were possibly the lightest trainers I have ever put on my feet but the adistar boosts felt strong enough to support me through my marathon training.

Here’s what they’re all about…

The shoe offers the best support for a natural foot strike to prevent any pronation and has a TORSION® SYSTEM inbuilt for midfoot stability.

The upper lining of the shoe offers support and comfort and is completely seamless. I’ve also got quite wide feet so finding trainers which accommodate for that can be hard but these were the perfect fit.

The midsole features the much talked about Adidas boost technology which is alleged to give energy back with every stride to help you feel light and fast when running.

Adidas say: “Boost features thousands of visible energy capsules that store and unleash endless energy every time your foot hits the ground.”

The toe of these curves up slightly and at first it took me a while to get used to it but I found that it does actually help you spring forward and gives you power back, just like the description said it would.

The shoe is solid and there’s not a seam out of place. My feet, ankles and legs felt totally secure and supported yet I didn’t feel like I was running in a heavy shoe at all.

I took mine for a spin at the weekend and completed a quick 10 miles (my goal sub 3.30 marathon pace) and they were amazing!

Normally I wouldn’t do more than 10k when breaking in new trainers but these felt as though they were made for my feet. I realise that might not be the same for everyone but I’d highly recommend them if you want a stable yet light training shoe that’s going to be able to do the miles whilst you maintain your speed, if not get quicker thanks to the Boost technology!

Here are the other vital stats:
– Weight: 265g (Size UK 5.5)
– They have a grippy rubber outsole
– They come in colours Flash Pink, Zero Met and Clear Grey
– Start at size 3.5 (UK) right up to size 9.
– They have a breathable mesh lining.
– External heel counter for best heel fit and comfort.
– £130
FREE Adidas delivery until March 22 – so what are you waiting for go and order some to #boostyourrun 🙂


Winter running essentials

It’s that time of year again when you wake up in the dark and get home in the dark. The days of an evening run at dusk as the sun goes down are fast becoming a distant memory now and runners have no choice but to hit the streets in the dark.

If you’re training, running in the dark over the winter months will be second nature but if you’re new to the game I’ve put together some tips for keeping safe whilst running in the winter months, as well as some of the gear you may find useful. It could also help if you’re struggling for Christmas present ideas as well.

Without doubt the first essential you need for running in the dark is a reflective jacket.
Most running trainers have reflective strips on them somewhere but I find, for peace of mind if nothing else, a reflective jacket is much better.

Ladies Nike Vapor Jacket:
– £54.99
– Water repellent properties to keep you dry
– Perforated side panels
– Reflective strips
– Removable hood
– Machine washable 

Nike Vapor Jacket

Nike Vapor Jacket

Karrimor Running Jacket:
– £14.99
– Drawstring for a comfortable fit
– 2 pockets with zips- perfect for you i-pod, energy gels and other running essentials.
– Ventilated mesh panel
– Reflective logo and strips on the arms and back
– Machine washable

Karrimor Running Jacket

Karrimor Running Jacket

And if you’re feeling really fancy….

Nike M Allover Flash Jacket:

– £319.99
– Storm-FIT fabric which blocks out the wind and rain
– Dri-FIT fabric
– Laser-cut perforations for breathability
– Reflective detailing

Warmth is essential too during the winter months, you don’t want to find you’re having to turn home early because you’re so cold you can’t feel your limbs.

Gore MYTHOS SO Gloves – Neon Yellow
– £34.99
– Windproof
– Reflective material
– Fabric insert on index fingers and thumbs- meaning you can still work your touch screen phone or i-pod with them on.
– Fleece lining
– Silicone-coated palm for grip
– Absorbent material on thumb and back of the gloves for wiping away sweat

Gore MYTHOS SO Gloves

Gore MYTHOS SO Gloves

Head wear:

The majority of our body heat is often lost through our head so some runners find it beneficial to wear a hat or a headband of some kind. Personally, I prefer to run without but if you suffer with ear problems or headaches from the cold then a hat is definitely a must have for winter running.

Stick to well-lit routes, especially if you’re running alone. Make sure you tell someone where you’re going and how long you roughly expect to be.

When you return, it’s inevitable that as soon as you enter your house and the warmth hits you you’ll want to strip off. Hold off until you have stretched though or you will find you’ll cool down extremely quickly and then be at risk of a sudden chill.

Got any winter running tips?
Share them here and comment below.