The muscly mess burrito

The flavours are as powerful as the muscles it gives you! 

burrito 2 burrito 3

Breakfast, lunch or dinner this burrito ticks the boxes for all occasions. This dish was a joint creation between Dane and I when basically we couldn’t decide whether to make beef tacos for dinner or have an egg scramble. We decided to combine the two and this muscly and delightfully messy burrito was the outcome.

This is a meal nutritionists would have on their plan and a meal athletes would devour for breakfast.

The lean minced beef provides plenty of protein for muscle growth and repair whilst the kale and broccoli means you’re getting fibre and plenty of vitamins from the dark greens. Dark greens are particularly good for heart health and some research even suggests they’re beneficial for fighting some cancers. Meanwhile the wholemeal wrap is a good source of low GI carbs while the avocado is full of good, healthy fats. Overall it’s got the makings of an insanely delicious meal packed full of good stuff that’s going to keep you full until lunch time if you have it for breakfast. It’s also a really great post-training dinner, ticking all the boxes for what your body needs after a tough session. It’s even good if you’re having friends over because burritos are fun to eat and you won’t have to make a lot because guaranteed no one will be able to comfortably eat more than two in one sitting without entering a Man V Food style eat-off!

burrito 4

You will need:
– One packet of wholemeal seeded wraps
– One pack of lean minced beef (size depending on how many people you are feeding)
– One green chilli, chopped
– Two eggs
– One orange pepper, chopped
– Herbs/spices to flavour it (I used a bit of cayenne pepper & cumin)
– Handful of coriander – chopped
– Kale
– 1 ripe avocado
– 1 tsp coconut oil

burrito 1

To make:
– Start by preheating the oven to about 180 degrees.
– Next put a tsp of coconut oil into a frying  pan and brown the mince. Add the chopped pepper, chilli and spices to the pan. Fry until thoroughly cooked.
– While the mince is cooking put the kale on a baking tray and drizzle with a little oil before putting in the preheated oven to crisp up. This usually takes about 10-12 minutes – note, kale goes from crisp to burnt incredibly quickly so make sure you keep an eye on it!
– In a bowl mash the avocado up and spread on to the wraps.
– In a separate bowl beat the eggs as if you are going to scramble them and then add them to the main mince mixture, stirring all the time until everything is well mixed in.
– Put a handful of kale on top of the avocado before spooning the beef mixture on to the wrap. To check out how to fold them up burrito style watch this little video below.

Enjoy 🙂

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Vale of York half-marathon

When the race organisers said that the course for the Vale of York half-marathon  was flat, they weren’t joking. With just one slight incline across the entire 13.1 miles, this course is perfect for those looking to bag a PB or take on their first half-marathon.

Held yesterday for the first time, it was also perfectly timed for those running the Yorkshire Plusnet Marathon on Sunday, October 12.

The event was sold out and over 1,000 runners were expected to take part. I joined those runners along with my best friend and fitness pal Liana (follow our fitness journey on Instagram using #fabsfitness) as we headed to the start line at the Race HQ at Sherburn Aero Club.

The sun was shining and other than not enough toilets, I can’t fault the organisation of it. The two ladies working on the bag drop were very busy but as long as you’re patient that doesn’t matter.

As I am now well in to my training for the Yorkshire Marathon (last weekend I ran 20 miles!) Liana and I decided to enjoy the sunshine and run this at marathon pace, rather than race it at half-marathon pace. After the first two miles we had settled in to a comfortable pace, with our mile splits only differing by a couple of seconds either side.

So far my long runs haven’t always been at marathon pace, especially the much longer ones.  My coach told me that I need to be able to run some of my long runs comfortably at marathon pace so this was a great training run for me.

Although the route was made up of long, flat and often straight roads, it was made enjoyable by the attractive scenery. As we reached the finish line the crowds had picked up and really gave runners a boost as they crossed the finish line.

Once we had handed our timing chips in we were greeted with an energy gel, a technical t-shirt and a medal.

All in all, the route was great and both Liana and I said that it was one of the most enjoyable races we had ever run. I’ll definitely be back next year to try and secure a PB.

vale of york half mara

Liana and I celebrate with our medals after completing the first ever Vale of York half-marathon

Never has the phrase ‘après mud party’ excited me more

Photo credit to Tough Mudder HQ.

Photo credit to Tough Mudder HQ.

Today I got overly excited at reading the phrase ‘après mud party.

Not just because I like to be muddy – although I do when it comes to running –  but because that phrase means that Tough Mudder Yorkshire is just over one week away.

When the Yorkshire Tough Mudder Volunteer Programme pinged in to my email inbox this afternoon I wasted no time in getting familiar with what I’d be doing on the day as a volunteer and reading all about the perks that come with it.

Running Tough Mudder is an experience in itself, as my best friend Liana who ran the course last year told me, but we’re getting the complete Tough Mudder experience over two days this year. On Saturday, August 2 we will be volunteering on the course, cheering people on and helping them along the way before running the course on Sunday. The gazebo has been purchased for maximum socialising on Saturday night and after much deliberation our outfits have been planned right down to the colour of our shoe laces – neon yellow for Liana and bright red for me.

We can’t wait to don our TM volunteer t-shirts and really get stuck in to help make the event a success and enjoyable for everyone. Not to mention we are so excited to run the course ourselves.

As Liana put it, it’s essentially a weekend away for us. It combines all of our favourite things as well; adventure, challenges, being outdoors, running, lifting, socialising and wearing gym clothes. Bring it on!

Forget the Sunday roast

After getting home at 4am following a night of dancing, my friend Liana and I decided that we were going to get smoked salmon for lunch the next day, or later that day should I say.
But after a slightly longer than planned lie in (I think all that dancing had worn me out) and a lengthy gym session it was time for dinner rather than lunch – and we were in charge of cooking for the whole family!

Chicken is pretty central to our diets so dinner was of course centred around that.

So here is our take on a classic Sunday dinner: Mediterranean chicken

You will need:
As many chicken breast as you like (we had five)
One can chopped tomatoes
One jar passata
Sundried tomatoes
Sunflower seeds (toasted under the grill for a few mins)
Pumpkin seeds (toasted under the grill for a few mins)
Fresh basil

Whilst the chicken is baking in the oven, prep the veg for roasting.
Leave out the capers, olives, sundried tomatoes and nuts. Add the veg to a roasting tin before adding the chopped tomatoes, passata and some cracked black pepper.
Once the vegetables are cooked, chop the chicken and stir in before adding the olives, sundried tomatoes, toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and fresh basil.

Another simple yet extremely tasty meal that sticks to the clean eating plan. For those who want to add something exta, throw in some sweet potato to the roasted vegetables.

Homemade Mediterranean chicken

Homemade Mediterranean chicken


You can go right ahead and file this one under #cleantreats.

Finding a sweet treat to satisfy that after dinner craving when you’re an avid follower of a clean eating plan can be a daily battle.
But treating yourself after dinner needn’t be such a struggle anymore. Whilst having an active weekend with my best friend and fellow clean eater, (dancing until it was too painful to walk in our heels and trying out fun new exercises at the gym), we discovered the perfect sweet treat – minus the sugar, chocolate and all of the other bad things we tend to avoid.

Protein pancakes.

All you need is two eggs (one whole egg and one egg white) and three scoops of protein powder. We tried vanilla and chocolate but they would work with any.
Add a little bit of coconut oil to a pan after creating your pancake “batter” – add some water to the mix if it is too glooopy – and pour a small amount in to the pan. Basically, you make them the same way as any other pancakes!
It genuinely is that simple (although it did take us a few tries to perfect them but by the fifth pancake we had definitely mastered it.
Check it out…

Chocolate protein pancake with stewed plums and frozen berries.

Chocolate protein pancake with stewed plums and frozen berries.

photo 3 (6)

Chocolate protein pancake - it was tastier than it looks, promise!

Chocolate protein pancake – it was tastier than it looks, promise!

We topped ours with stewed plums (courtesy of Liana’s fantastic mum Anne) and frozen fruit. Not only did they satisfy our sweet tooth but we got our protein hit too, an ideal combination.

The rest of the weekend was as usual centred around food and exercise so I thought I’d share some of the other creations we made. Check them out on the next post.

2014’s big challenge – Climbing Kili for kids

IN SEPTEMBER 2011 this happened:



Celebrating at EVEREST BASE CAMP!

Celebrating at EVEREST BASE CAMP!

A group of 21 students from The University of Sheffield, including myself, reached Everest Base Camp, all proudly wearing our fetching yellow Childreach International t-shirts, the charity we had raised more than £40k for.

It was possibly the most demanding challenge, both physically and mentally,  I have ever experienced. There were times when you were so cold you thought why am I doing this, times when all you wanted was a pizza or some sausages (which was well documented in my diary!)  but had to make do with plain rice and there was even a face swelling incident which made any happy trekking pictures almost impossible.

That said, it was the most amazing experience of my life and I can hand on heart say that the downs were worth the spectacular highs and that overwhelmingly feeling when we finally reached base camp after a gruelling 12 day trek.

The highs didn’t stop after reaching base camp either. The following day, still giddy, albeit a bit tired and groggy from our achievement, we were woken up in the early hours of the morning to climb Kala Patthar at an impressive 5,545m. It was definitely head torches at the ready as we scrambled over rocks and all I could think about was taking in those panoramic views of Everest and trying to demolish my frozen Mars bar at the top – but it was so worth it (the views and the experience more than the Mars bar I mean!).

After the trek we had some time off to explore Kathmandu. I fell in love with it and it became my second favourite place I have been lucky enough to see so far –  sorry but Australia just pips it to the post. Since then my desire to travel and explore has continued to bubble away.

This year I have finally found an outlet for it.  I’ve taken on an even bigger challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro at 5,895m high, the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Once again I am taking on this challenge for Childreach International, an amazing and extremely worthwhile cause dedicated to providing children in poorly developed countries with the same opportunities any other child would have. Whilst in Tanzania (I fly out on August 25 EEK!) I will spend some time working on a Childreach project to witness first-hand the amazing work they do and what a difference the money I raise will make.

I truly cannot wait. Those who know me will know that if I’m going to do something, I want to do it right, so my training is already in full swing and I’ve  got lots of ideas for my fundraising. With a fundraising target of £2,650, slightly higher than it was for Everest, I will be giving it my all.

My most successful fundraiser for Everest was a curry night held at my local pub but my bravest (or most stupid as my mum called it) was this…

Braving the snow and freezing cold temperatures in just our underwear to raise money in a street collection.

Braving the snow and freezing cold temperatures in just our underwear to raise money in a street collection.

We raised so much money in just one (albeit very cold) day thanks to the generous people of Sheffield.

We raised so much money in just one (albeit very cold) day thanks to the generous people of Sheffield.

I’ll be taking on various random challenges for my fundraising – first up is a street collection and I want to know what fancy dress costume YOU think I should do it in. Submit your ideas using the form at the bottom of this post.

Other events to come:
– Sheffield Half-marathon
– Cake sales
– Ebay sales
– Auction of promises
– Blind date night

Any donations anyone could spare would be massively appreciated for this great, great cause. Here’s a link to my fundraising page:

Thank you 😀